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Please note: A copy of any court document/custody order and details of any custodial arrangements will be required to keep on file for staff to sight.


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My child can be taken to hospital if the Teacher's decide that hospital is the most appropriate action in any given circumstance.
Can Use Image For Planning
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Greerton Early Learning Centre has a long tradition of collaborating with the University of Waikato academic staff Professor Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee. We ask your permission to use stories, photographs and videos of your child's learning for the purposes of professional development with colleagues in the early learning community in New Zealand and internationally.
collaborate on facebook by usingn theirI give permission for use of Photographs and videos on Facebook
The centre has a Website and this is a wonderful place to share credit based learning with family/whaanau. We ask that you provide permission for use of learning stories, photographs and videos on this platform.
I understand that for special excursions I will be given a specific form to fill out detailing risk assessment, what the ratio will be, adults involved and where, how and when the excursion will proceed.
I give permission for my child to attend regular excursions to Greerton Library, Greerton Village Shopping Centre and Greerton Village School. There will be a minimum ratio of one teacher to four children. Please see our risk assessments of these excursions in our Centre Policies.


Child has to be enrolled for a minimum of one day.


This enrolment agreement is inclusive of all school term breaks. Greerton Early Childhood Centre is closed on all Statutory Holidays. Please speak to the centre administrator for more details.

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